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The Etiquette to Digital Invitations and RSVP'ing

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sending digital wedding invitations can be considered quite modern, and going against typical wedding tradition. However, it can still be very personal, (in some ways more so than a paper invitation), whilst being convenient, cost effective and eco friendly.

It also throws up questions for guests, such as how do they reply? At Paperless Wedding we offer a digital RSVP service via the couple's personally designed wedding website. But how long should guests wait to RSVP online? What is the etiquette for going digital, for the wedding couple and also for the guests.?

Country Garden digital RSVP via wedding website
Knots and Kisses - Country Garden - Digital Invitation with RSVP via personal website. 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Jo Bryant, who is the UK's leading expert in Wedding Etiquette. Jo worked at Debrett’s, the arbiters of British etiquette, for over 10 years and has edited 15 books on etiquette and modern manners. So please meet the lady with the answers!

Jo Bryant Queen of Etiquette

Photo In Focus - Remain in Light

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Remain in the Light - Logo          

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting a rather lovely lady called Mairéad McDaid, who not only is a bride-to-be herself, but who is also a very talented photographer. Happily she agreed to feature her fine work and top tips on this month's Photography in Focus blog. Mairéad started her love affair with photography while living in South Korea (rather bizarrely while she was there,  she knew a good friend of mine - don't you love Facebook friend connections?!).

She now runs her own company called Remain in Light and photographs weddings, couples and lifestyle shoots. Her style is focused on the relaxed and natural. She loves taking photos of the real moments, as they happen, and as unobtrusively as possible. She loves capturing the big emotional moments, and the little details that you've spent months (and months!) getting just right. You can tell all this by her stunning photos below.

So let me hand over to Mairéad to share her thoughts on all things wedding!

What are your top 2 'Do and Don't' tips for couples on their wedding day?

Do – Have a bit of flexibility in your schedule. Things sometimes tend to run on, so when planning your timeline for the day, allow more time for certain things than you think you’ll need.

Do – Have fun!  All the planning is done, it’s now time let it all go and enjoy your day.

Don’t – worry too much about the weather – especially in this part of the world, where you can never be certain what season it will be today! Invest in a sexy umbrella and you’ll be fine!

Don’t – try to make everything perfect. Nothing ever is, and some things just won’t go to plan, but that’s okay.

What is your advice when a couple is looking for a photographer? 

Remain in the Light - Confetti shot
Ask to see a few full wedding galleries, so you know how they photograph the whole day, rather than just seeing their best shots! Also, try to meet up or video chat beforehand. This person is going to be with you for most of your wedding day – you want to make sure that you like them!

Your top tip for Styling your day?
Don’t get lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole! I love Pinterest and I think it can be really useful for wedding planning, but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by ideas, so try to use it wisely!

Do you think you should "Trash your Dress"?
I definitely think you should Trash the Dress! Even if you don’t want to ruin the dress, you can still have a lot of fun with a post-wedding shoot. You get to dress up in those beautiful (and often expensive) clothes again, and have some fun getting creative with your photographer.

Engagement shoots seem to be very fashionable at the moment. What are the advantages of having one?

Remain in the Light - Engagement shoot
I think that engagement shoots are a fantastic way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day itself. It’s a bit of a test run, and you get to know your photographer and see how they work. Bonus – you get some awesome photos that you can use for the wedding – we’re using ours for our wedding website!

What has surprised you the most about wedding photography?
Before I started working in wedding photography, I wasn’t sure it was something I would enjoy. But I absolutely love how emotional it is, and that I get to capture one of the best days of people’s lives. They’re going to show their grandchildren these photos, and feels really special.

How you describe your style of photography?
My style is creative and modern. My approach is documentary for most of the day; I like to take pictures of everything as it unfolds naturally. I do also love to get creative; trying out new things and having some fun with you along the way!

What can a couple do for you on the big day?

Remain in the Light - Wedding couple on the floor

Just have fun! This is your day and happy smiling faces make for the best photographs! I also love an adventurous couple, the ones who are willing to lie on the floor for a good photo, go exploring at sunset for that beautiful light, or venture out in the pouring rain (with that sexy umbrella of course!).

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

Remain in the Light - Gay Wedding

I love both! Of course an outdoor wedding can be spectacular, but with the pesky English weather it’s always good to have a plan B. As long there is beautiful light then I’m a happy photographer.

Themed or no theme?
Again, I love both. My fiancé and I toyed with the idea of having a Bowie-themed wedding for a while, but we’ve decided to have little hints of Bowie instead! I think that a themed wedding can be so much fun, but even if you decide not to go for it, you can always incorporate the things that you love into the day in little ways instead.

Local or Destination?
It depends what you want from the day itself. Destination weddings can be fabulous and beautiful, but there will be a lot more work involved. Also, you have to accept that quite a few people may not be able to make it. Decide what’s important to you, and go from there!

Big or Small?

Remain in the Light - Happiness is a wedding
I’ve shot weddings with 25 people, and weddings with 250 people, and both were amazing! The 25 person wedding was lovely as it was so intimate and the bride and groom had the chance to spend more time with each person. On the other hand, it’s lovely to have all of your family and friends together in the same room – the only time in your life this will really happen. And what a party that makes!

Big thanks to Mairéad for sharing her thoughts and fabulous photos with us. You can see more of her great work on  Facebook, Instagram and of course her Website.

5 Great Tips For Your Eco Wedding Make-Up

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Are you considering an Eco Wedding? Have you already looked at 'green' wedding venue? Thought about using seasonal flowers and food? Seen an up-cycled wedding dress? However have you considered organic make-up for your special day? 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to bride-to-be Amber. She writes a popular blog that covers all things related to eco-beauty, and she is going to share her tips on prepping, buying and applying your makeup on your big day. 

"As someone who only uses natural and organic make-up on a day to day basis, I have no doubt that I'm going to choose to go green on my upcoming wedding day too. I know that natural and organic make-up can be long-lasting and have enough coverage & shade options to be able to withstand such a long & important day, whilst looking good too. I'm going to share my top tips for eco bridal makeup if you're wanting to go green on your wedding day too!

1. Start with skincare

It's important to have a good base to start, so look into more natural options for skincare so your skin looks its best for the big day. I'd highly recommend incorporating natural facial oils into your skincare routine as these will hydrate & nourish your skin whilst balancing oily skin types.

2. Start with a good base

Every bride wants flawless skin on their wedding day, so a few natural & organic foundations that I recommend are from Sappho Organic , Living Nature and the RMS Un Cover Up for concealing. All of these offer a medium-full coverage and can be buildable, without looking cakey or showing any blemishes.

3. Make-up consultations


If you're new to natural & organic make-up it might be tricky to know where to start first. Content Beauty in London offer makeovers at their store where you can take in your current makeup bag & they'll help you find more natural alternatives to suit your skin type & tone.

4. Green make-up artist

Lillian Komor make-up artist

When choosing who's going to do your makeup on the big day, it's a good idea to go for a make-up artist who is used to using natural/organic products. These products can have different textures etc to mainstream make-up so it's best to choose someone who uses them on a daily basis in their collection. A couple of green make-up artists in the UK are Lilian Komor and Lou Dartford.

5. Water

Drinking Water for the perfect skin
Drinking enough water on a day-to-day basis is something I'm terrible at, even though I know the benefits it has for your skin. I know this is something everyone says but water really does make your skin look a million times better. It clears skin, reduces redness and even makes it look more plump & dewy so I know I'll be upping my water intake in the run-up to my wedding! Don't forget your other half can do this too!

If you're looking for more natural and organic make-up recommendations for your wedding day, take a look at my blog, Amber's Beauty Talk for places to shop & my favourite natural make-up brands."

Big thanks to Amber for sharing her top tips.  We know that we could all do with drinking more water here at Paperless HQ!  Do share your beauty tips in our comments field below or share this post with a friend who might be getting married soon. 

The Natural Wedding Company

Thursday, February 2, 2017
Joining a great directory of ethically minded suppliers!

We have kicked off the New Year by advertising to the readers of The Natural Wedding Company. We love that all the people listed in the directory are ethically minded. We hope that if you are considering an eco wedding then this site would be perfect you and maybe you found us through there?!

Charlie shares "green" weddings, eco wedding tips and offers to help you plan your eco-friendly wedding. Do check out the site!